On average, the average person sees over 5,000 ads per day. Assuming you sleep 8 hours, that’s an advertisement for every 11.52 seconds we have our eyes open, on the conservative end. So, if you’re someone considering entering the advertisement space, how do you cut through all of that noise and attract your market’s attention? The answer is to provide marketing that emphasizes value and builds relationships with your potential customers; a process that is known as value marketing, or more specifically, value-added marketing. 

Value marketing sounds simple, but there are a few key things that any marketer has to understand to make it work. The first is that you have to understand your ideal customer and create a persona, or avatar around that. This will help you define your marketing strategy and determine what is going to be the most valuable to your customer. That value can be something monetary, like free shipping, a discount code, a sale price, or a free gift. Or it could be something knowledge-based– meaning you offer up industry trade secrets while not expecting anything specific in return. What this all does is build trust around your services and your brand. You build relationships over time and your customer slowly gets to know you and what you can do.

A value-added marketing strategy is by far one of the strongest tools available to cut through the advertising blindness caused by the sheer frequency of advertisements we’re exposed to. Here are five great examples of value marketing strategies:

  1. Videos — This is your chance to get your face out there (and don’t worry about it being perfect), and be the expert in your industry. Clients get to know you, your personality, your brand, and most importantly, your expertise! It’s been noted that content with faces tends to receive the highest engagement, and videos perform the best compared to plain text or photographs, so this is the best of both worlds and is sure to have great engagement.
  2. Infographics — These can easily be created on Canva.com for free and gets to the facts right away. Put your facts, your information, and your branding so that people know who provided the information when it is inevitably passed around!
  3. How-To Manuals — Whether it’s a step-by-step guide or a short e-book, these can easily be turned into lead magnets and to also build rapport with your customer base. Want to take this concept a step further? Create a free e-course!
  4. Workshops & Webinars — Host a class, whether it’s in person or online. Teach what you know, empower your customers, and build trust!
  5. Blogs — Blogs are our favorite method of value marketing. They can be turned into vlogs, and then the audio can also be made into podcasts. Not to mention you can harness the power of SEO (also known as Search Engine Optimization) making this option a fantastic value-added marketing strategy that encompasses a variety of visibility pathways.

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