unique bridal


unique bridal 

Company Background

Unique Bridal is a family owned bridal salon in Auburn Michigan, committed to hosting one of the largest selections of designer wedding gowns north of Detroit. Unique Bridal is proud to offer bridal gowns to accomodate all body shapes and sizes.

The problem

Unique Bridal was in need of an updated website, as well as blog posts and social media to reach brides and bridesmaids. The design needed to match the existing logo and portray a feeling of elegance and attention to detail, while keeping the brand’s identifying color palette as part of the central theme.


The Solution

We created a website using the WordPress.Org CMS. It features the brand’s identifying colors alongside aesthetically matched parallax background images to give the feel of looking into a display window. The website has a focus on elegance, timelessness, and coordination, where the seperate elements add to a website greater than the sum of its parts.