Case Study

Real Estate Invesment

Odell Barnes REO


Company Background

Odell Barnes REO is a nationally recognized leader in providing bank-owned properties and notes for sale to investors.

The problem

When we were hired, we were looking at developing a website from scratch– we needed a clean solution to display hundreds of properties as well as bank notes, provide an elegant an easy to use search feature, and provide forms for making an offer, an application for owner financing, a blog, and a log-in system for existing clients and applicants. Ease of contacting the company was also a priority for the client.


The Solution

 Utilizing the WordPress.Org and the Divi theme we were able to construct a clean user experience that displayed properties and notes seamlessly, as well as the necessary blog, forms, applications, and account system. Additionally, using Estatik Real Estate, we were able to provide an easy-to-use system for the Odell Barnes REO team to upload a constantly moving set of inventory with custom fields, galleries, and search terms. Multiple contact forms were placed strategically throughout the website, as well as an on-site chat feature that, when used, sent text messages to the lead sales reprentative for quick replies.