Humane society of bay county


Humane society of bay county 

Company Background

Humane Society of Bay County, or HSBC, is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving, protecting, and enhancing the lives of animals. They are a no-kill animal shelter, with local efforts to re-home animals, as well as catch-neuter-return efforts with stray cats.   

The problem

HSBC was in need of an updated website with modern, eye-catching custom graphic design that captures the cuteness and fun of adopting a new animal, as well as the professionality and hope that the organization brings to the community.  


The Solution

We created a website using the WordPress.Org CMS. using custom graphic design centered around bright, cheerful, eye-catching colors. With over 20 pages in total, the site is informative, and includes all of the information that a non-profit organization legally needs to disclose to operate.