Case Study

Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir By Alexa


Company Background

Boudoir by Alexa is a full-service boudoir photography studio that shows women how to feel confident and beautiful in their own body located in Bay City, Michigan.

The problem

Alexa approached us because her photography studio business was booming and she was struggling to find the time to dedicate to a consistent social media presence. As a direct result of this, she noticed a decline in engagement and resulting in bookings coming from social media. She was also facing the problem of having Facebook, her largest social media platform, regularly flag her content as inappropriate due to the nature of boudoir photography.


The Solution

We worked with Alexa to establish her goals for her online presence and then proceeded to develop a content calendar. We also carefully reviewed Facebook’s guidelines regarding content of a more sexual nature and worked to identify content that would raise engagement and bookings without breaking Facebook’s rules.


The Results

 In August of 2019 at the start of service, Alexa identified early on her that her goal for the end of the year was to achieve 3,000 likes on her Facebook page by the end of the year. We hit her goal of 3,000 likes in less than two months, which caused us to raise her end of year goal to 5,000– significantly more than she had ever expected. According to Google Analytics results, we were able to identify that website traffic, and more importantly confirmed bookings, doubled within a 3 month period as a direct result of Water Street Marketing’s social media services. 

I will be upfront and say that outsourcing my social media was really hard for me because I like control when it comes to my audience. No one else knows my followers like I do and no one knows my business more than me so for someone else to take the reigns – was a big deal for me. We wrapped up our first monthly recap and I am completely blown away. Since Miranda has taken over the social media for my page she has hit the goal I had been reaching for ALL YEAR, there is visible growth on my page, engagement has tripled, bookings doubled from the previous month (which was already a higher than average month) and she excels at knowing what my audience needs/wants to accurately create posts that perform. Miranda has exceeded my expectations in every way. I have now hired her to build the social media for my second business from the ground up.

Alexa Furhman-Sherman

CEO, Boudoir By Alexa