Case Study

Business Coach & Author
November 24, 2020

Alexa Hallberg


Company Background

Alexa Hallberg is a business coach specializing in helping Boudoir Photographers expand their businesses into full-fledged lingerie retailers; navigating everything from business set-up to hiring, to marketing, and everything in between.

The problem

This project was two-fold. The client not only needed to make her e-book beautiful, but also needed a landing page with built in e-commerce to manage sales and marketing.


The Solution

Starting with branding, we developed a brand identity that was related to her two existing businesses, but also distinctly separate. Next, the branding was applied and a beautiful e-book was designed. Last but not least, a landing page with e-commerce functionality using WooCommerce was used to deliver the e-book digitally to clients, while securing recurring income for our client.