Business Services



Company Background

989Concierge is a Business to Business (B2B) service that connects business owners with service providers to fill in the missing areas in their business, which in turn allows them to focus on doing what they do best. 989Concierge handles everything from the initial connection, creates communication channels, mitigates issues, and manages contracts and invoices.


The problem

The existing website wasn’t conveying the full extent of the services that 989Concierge provides to its clients. In short, we needed a website that worked harder. The client also had a finely tuned aesthetic and brand that she wanted captured; incorporating elements of the old world, astrology, and astronomy. 


The Solution

The first step was restructuring the way the website was presented; we broke it down into creating a home page that can be doubly used as a landing page for digital advertisements, explained what 989Concierge does for business owners AND for service providers, broke down the process, and created a detailed contact form using conditional logic. We also incorporated a blog section, as well as a porftolio for the client to display case studies. Taking it a step further, we also created an ad spot that is featured on the website, social media, and can be used for television ads in the future.