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Providing superior, comprehensive marketing solutions to businesses and organizations in Saginaw County and beyond.

Website Development

Custom, beautiful, responsive websites and landing pages.


Branding Packages

From logos and design elements to color pallettes and typefacing, you’re going to love the new you.

Graphic Design

Expertly hand-crafted custom design work suitable for any digital or print format.

Digital Marketing

Extend your reach, create a following.

Public Relations

Alert the media with press briefings, protect your content with copyright assistance, brand reputation management, and more.


Proudly, Saginaw

Saginaw, Michigan is our headquarters location, but to us, it’s also much more. We grew up watching this city and it’s inhabitants overcome numerous hardships and tribulations to create and cultivate a unique, culture-rich city unlike anywhere else on Earth. Unmistakable in attitude, unbreakable in spirit, Saginaw has been an inspiration to us, and our greatest mentor. Water Street Marketing serves Saginaw because Saginaw has served Water Street Marketing, in more ways than it can know. We are proud to say that this city is more to us than just a headquarters, it’s a home. Water Street Marketing, Inc is a proud member of the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce, and the Saginaw Young Professionals Network.


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What A Sales Funnel Is, and Why You Need One

What A Sales Funnel Is, and Why You Need One

Fact: Every business has a sales funnel.  As a business owner, the more aware of it you are, the better your results will be.    So, what is a sales funnel? Basically, it's the overall path that a customer would follow from the point where they are learning of...

What is Value Marketing?

What is Value Marketing?

On average, the average person sees over 5,000 ads per day. Assuming you sleep 8 hours, that's an advertisement for every 11.52 seconds we have our eyes open, on the conservative end. So, if you're someone considering entering the advertisement space, how do you cut...

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Arika Bourbina

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Cameron Massey

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Miranda Woodruff

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