One of the biggest questions we get regarding social media is “how do I know what to post!?” It can be tough to schedule a week’s worth of posts, let alone an entire month’s worth– but we’ve made things easier. Introducing our 28-day content calendar!

Education— Show of what you know! What knowledge do you have that can benefit your audience?

Inspiration— Post your favorite quotes or other inspirational items. 

Behind the Scenes— Show what’s really happening in your world. The more authentic, the better.

Offer— This is your chance to be a bit salesy and offer a promo (but don’t overdo these!)

Ask a Question— Post a question to your audience. Get engagement up and get some valuable market research in!

Relevant Image— Have some fun! Post something beautiful or re-gram something you love.

Story— Tell a story with a photo! A picture is worth 1,000 words, right?

Portfolio— Show off the work you’ve done!